Re: Squirrel joke # 1

Recap… (for those of a strong disposition)…

What’s a squirrel’s favourite game?
Nuts and Crosses!

April thanks for telling me you’d not heard of  Noughts and Crosses, I’d forgotten that’s the  English name… I wonder if you know it by  Tic-Tac-Toe? It looks like this…

example of tha game of Noughts and Crosses

example of the game of Noughts and Crosses

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About julie

Julie makes art, food and music whenever possible. She exhibits with Ten Plus Textiles and has better friends than she deserves =) She lives with Ellie and Rosie and Zeldie the cat who hardly ever lands on her feet.
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2 Responses to Re: Squirrel joke # 1

  1. Uta says:

    Thought I was a champian at naughts and crosses but my 7 year old granddaughter blocks all my moves.

    ps We are lucky. The fires aren’t near us.

  2. april says:

    i love your name for the game! Yes, that’s it! Thanks, Julie. xxapril

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