xmas card image 2007Ooops! Got behind with Christmas card making this year… (I remember the good old days whenI had them done by October… ho hum!)


 A Hanging at Horwich!: Frank and Joyce kindly took some work to be hung in the Bolton Arts Community Christmas exhibition. I put in some of the work that had been at the Brewery Art Centre, Kendal in 2001. It will be nice to give them another show.  This is one …

Crimson Square


ROOF: The Roof concert went well, Dave said. Ellie came all the way from Aber to play too! Let’s hope the fundraising went well too.

Squeezebox Busking: Rosie will be playing concertina on college radio, having her hair spray-dyed red and blue and busking with her concertina in breaks on Wednesday… to raise funds for the college toy appeal. Good luck Rosie! 

Fingers: Have got a few more pin brooches ready…  eg…

pin brooch purple in packet


Need to keep an eye out for more ‘treasure’ ie nice buttons! 
Thanks for reading, love julie x


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