A parky Sunday, brr!

Ellie‘s coming home…Yay! Be great to see her again.

Christmas Concert: Went to Rosie’s friend’s church’s do tonight… cuuuuute toddlers in the nursery’s nativity play! So much pretty gold material in the stars’ costumes. Good to see shepherds still have tea towels on their heads though!

Shared Moments

BACM Ltd Christmas Exhibition: here’s another picture that’s in the Horwich show. Still not got to the exhibition yet. Joyce and Frank each have work in too. So I do hope I can get to see their work.

Bags: I’ve made three more bags, but I think they may get wrapped up for Christmas, so I won’t post a picture yet!
Travel book detailBooks: Made a book for a friend who’s off travelling soon. Reminded me how much I enjoy putting paper and bits and bobs together. I’m going to get some print blocked papers made and see what develops. 

Bye folks!


2 thoughts on “A parky Sunday, brr!”

  1. Hi, I was born in the UK. My parents lived there for 12 years. We moved to the states in 1972. I was 6. I am just now applying for my citizenship. I love the colors in your work. Do you use shipping tags or do you make them our of watercolor paper?
    Happy Holidays,


  2. Hi Josie,
    Thanks for your comment :)I’ve learned a lot about colour from artist friends like Barbara Jepson and Loretta Harmer.

    I use both bought tags and I make then too. At Ten Plus we collaged tags that we hung on a table hoop at one of our exhibitions. it was nice for people to be able to see and touch them. (There’s a photo of it at: http://www.tenplustextiles.com/retrospective.htm)

    Thanks so much for the images of your new pieces! I do love your work, it’s just beautiful, inventive and so subtly put together.

    Have a wonderful Christmas time and a healthy and productive New Year!


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