Christmas Champions

A little before midnight…A good day: Rosie’s birthday went off well. She had a good time, she and Ellie met up with her friends in town to see ‘The Golden Compass’ and in the evening we all went to see a storytelling and music event, based on a Kentish mummers traditional Christmas performance, “Christmas Champions”. It was based on a Radio 3 commission… you can listen here:

The consummate storyteller, Hugh Lupton planted timeless, crisp winter rural scenes in our minds; allowing the streets full of 21st century Christmas revellers we’d just walked through, (complete with attendant police and crowds of half naked drunken folk, lights, noise and hullabaloo) to fade from our consciousness. Bliss! (Am I getting old?) 

Through the camera lens, I’ve been reviewing  my old sketchbooks and it’s made me realise I need to get back to drawing!!! It’s like an old neglected friend. I sense a New Year’s resolution brewing….

Bury Met goers


Make a difference…

Oh and collages in my old sketchbooks too… paper…glue… mmmm!

 Have much fun!         


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