Memories are made of these…

star turnedWe had a lovely Christmas, Joyce and Frank came, though I was saddened that my mum couldn’t join us this year. We’re going to have a later get-together with her, as soon as we can. We’ll have to have a re-run of the Christmas cracker whistle carol concert… (you had to be there…!)

Dave is back at work for one day today, but thankfully he is off then until next Wednesday.

Ellie and Rosie are off to town to meet a friend- have fun!

sketchbook front cover collageI got a new sketchbook for Christmas. I collaged the covers front and back yesterday evening. sketchbook back cover collage
I dug out my old ‘John Bull’ printing set and found a block still typeset from a few years ago, when I made a small book while we were on holiday in Boggle Hole, Yorkshire. It brought back many memories. The words I’d set were

Silk-painted brown envelope, John Bull text printing

‘Railway Path Closed’… I think we had hoped to walk along the disused railway up to Robin Hoods Bay, but the path was closed for that bit of the route. We did however walk the other way along it to Ravenscar, where there are lots of fossils in the cliff and bedrock, (oh and a lovely old fashioned tea shop).On the way back, tired, hungry and a bit late, we ended up on the cliff edge walk. It was a bit treacherous as the cliff had fallen away in places. We sang ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain…’ all the way back to the youth hostel, to keep our spirits up! This is the little book I made from scraps of paper, on the first evening, I updated it each evening in the youth hostel:

Boggle Hole , hand made holiday memeory book.

It’s a sidebound book, with a decorative long stitched spine.
The circular windows were cut out of every other page,
with nail scissors!


pencil and watercolour sketch from life


Sketching: here’s a sketch I did, from the X43 bus window… I added  the watercolour at home. The chap didn’t have a black eye , or an eye-patch by the way… hee! just a bit of a drawing blooper!

It’s on a page from a moleskin sketch book (the kind Bruce Chatwin loved). I like the way the paper seems to have its own in built resist and the paint ‘sits’ on the paper and sets in small areas.

Bye for now, Julie.


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