ATCs and news of a poem

So sad to hear the news about Benazir Bhutto and so many killed since. I heard on the radio that many people are too frightened to leave their homes in the cities, because of the the troubles on the streets. There are  many  people here in Britain, who have family and loved ones in Pakistan. It must be a terrible time for all. Makes me thankful for the peaceful holiday my family are enjoying together. I wish the same for all others.

self conf id enceI’m going to begin a series of ‘artist trading cards’ this evening. Anyone done these before?  I’ll post some pics when they’re finished. I like the idea of them. Here’s a link if you want more info. I’ve not got any further with my Shakespeare quotation illustrations, so I may add a little something to them this evening too, to help me move on.

I was inspired by Laura (see the blogroll, visit her site it’s a joy), to try out a custom header. So I played around, changing the blog presentation, added a bit of a collage… I’ll see how it looks (with fresher eyes) in a day or two… I may change it back or to something else…. <time passes>… Oh oh, I’ve already changed it again… !!!

EllieEllie’s been busy playing on her new ‘Guitar Hero’ game and Rosie has her nose buried in a book, ‘The Tenderness of Wolves’. I’ve been food shopping, washing and ironing etc. and I’ve enjoyed browsing through the new books I got for Christmas and listening to science podcasts.

Ellie’s having a poem ‘Selkie’ published in January, in a magazine called ‘Pen Pusher’  Yaaaaaaaay!  Well done Ellie : ) The poem was inspired by Ellie’s wonderful close encounter with a seal on a Welsh beach.


4 thoughts on “ATCs and news of a poem”

  1. Hi Julie,
    I like what you have done with the blog header. I find myself I need to make changes now and then it fun to see what you can create isn’t it? Good luck with the Artist Trading Cards, it is a very fun size to work in.


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