Goal keeping

My beloved husband Dave loves to cycle. He cycles to work and back again. Occasionally he stops to take a photo. I thought I’d share three of his recent ones with you…

A December journey from work. (Spot the swan sneaking on to the picture… cheeky!)

December evening.

This morning, he went for a bike ride to Chorlton Water Park
and saw this heron lurking on a goalpost crossbar and
some birds having their breakfast at a feeding station.

Heron goalie

bird feeder, Chorlton Water Park Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Goal keeping

  1. Hi Julie,
    Just saw on Artist Way blog that you had this site. Will keep reading to see what you are up to and to get to know you better. So glad you joined the tribe.


  2. Love to see your photos! I was fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to Europe in 2004 (with Marge) and spent a couple of days in London and I loved it. I still have all my little books of notes to transcribe into my photo albums that are filled! I think about that trip all the time and think I have my notes in order, but need to do that before I find that I have forgotten some things. I’m so glad you’re in our group!


  3. must have been lovely to take an art trip with a friend, glad you enjoyed London. It’s a packed city… so much to see. I haven’t explored enough of it yet.


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