Thursday thoughts…

Feet: Walked by the allotments’ hedgerow early this morning. Blackbirds out in numbers, heads cocked to one side. Took a ‘long cut’ through Moss Park surprising lack of birds there, but nice to see the shrubs, trees and so much ivy.

Hands: Catching up on household tasks mainly, as I’m feeling much better today. This new inhaler seems very good. Did a small collage and a short drawing exercise in my sketchbook.

Blog header: Yes, I’m still fiddling around with it… this one is a design I did that was inspired by one of Ordsall Hall’s pieces of furniture  There are some wonderful carved decorations on the wooden panels and furniture. Ten Plus have had exhibitions there. I like the place. The staff are really helpful and friendly.

Still looking at and sorting through my old sketchbooks. I think I really need to go through all my folders on the PC too, it’s all a bit ‘squiffy’ and would be easier to find things if I had a sort out. Perhaps I can do it a bit at a time. I found some of the collages I did when I ran a workshop making collaged CD  covers with some teenagers. Brought back some memories.
Red Days



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