A wren, a film and a pink cat…

Collage: Did a couple of collaged postcards yesterday. I enjoy working on this limited scale, I can collect enough materials and equipment and sit beavering away, listening to a podcast for half an hour, before it’s time to get on with something else.  Et volia! Here’s the fronts;


And the other…


Birds:  Dave and I saw a wren in the front garden today… scurrying along a tiny strip of a fence panel, it darted in and out of the potted shrubs and then flew to the top of the fence, near our window where it bobbed up and down, before flittering off.

The Golden Compass (Which is NOT A Compass): We went to see the film last night at Salford Quays. The Oxford scenes are well done, beautifully shot. Tom Courtney was in it, always a pleasure to see him in a film. We’ve seen him at the Royal Exchange Theatre  and he’s a great stage actor.  Nicole Kidman was just right for the part, though I’d imagined the Coulter character differently, when I read the books. But Miss Kidman was very convincing. And as one of Rosie’s friends, Ben whispered eagerly to her in the cinema when she first saw it with a truckload of pals… (Iorek Byrnison… is Gandalf!) Lol!
(The most wonderful theatre… http://www.royalexchange.co.uk )

Not got very far with: the Artists’ Trading Cards (ATCs). I’ve prepared about twenty, with plaster medium and an undercoat of yellow ochre and raw umber, but got no further! Doh! I want to prepare some more papers. I’m running (relatively) low on painted/decorated /blockprinted papers. I’ll have to have a couple of days to get cracking.

Bon voyage!: Friend Jean sets off on her travels today. Spoke to her yesterday and she was all packed and ready to go. Wishing her a safe journey and an inspiring trip. : )

Nest Building: Zeldie, our cat was turning pink… Let me explain:  she’d loved the tinsel when we were dressing the Christmas tree, she dived into a carrier bag full of it and purred away. So I put some of the older tinsel (purple and deep pink) in her basket. She looooved it! However, the colour must have started to transfer to her fur, probably when she got a bit wet from the rain, I suppose. I felt awful, but luckily she seems to have suffered no ill effects. So I threw out her tinsel and opened up a packet of natural raffia, fluffed it up and put that in her basket. Hey Presto! Happy white and tabby cat, (not pink!) in her ‘nest’. Hurray! and Phew!


5 thoughts on “A wren, a film and a pink cat…

  1. I love the little post cards Julie. I just can’t work that small. Laura and I exchanged artwork and it was meant to be post card size but the smallest I could manage was A4.


  2. Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to scale up an art-postcard… stamp, message, address and all.. to A4, A3 or even bigger ! May give the postman a hernia though! Lol! : )


  3. I love your postcards too, Julie! They’re beautiful. And I love your paragraph headings on your postings! Great idea, separating your thoughts like that!


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