A drawing a day by Kirsty and an ideal husband by Oscar!

Fingers:  A couple more postcards done. I’ll upload the fronts of the latest two below~

‘Been to’ postcard

‘Just a note’ postcard

A Diary Project: by artist Kirsty Hall. I heard about this on the Craftypod podcast. It’s a really great idea and builds up over the year into a wonderful body of drawings… With the added intrigue of the hidden contents of the envelopes that Kirsty drew on each day, before posting them to herself.  Take a look at http://diary-project.blogspot.com . What do you think?

An Ideal Husband: Ellie, Rosie and I are off to see this Oscar Wilde play at the Royal Exchange Theatre tonight…(must get tea going…eeek!) My own ‘ideal husband’ couldn’t be persuaded to join us… but he’s veeeery kindly going to take us there and collect us afterwards. Bless!


6 thoughts on “A drawing a day by Kirsty and an ideal husband by Oscar!

  1. Again – love your postcards. What a fun idea! Are you really mailing them to yourself too? Thanks for sending the site. I’ve always wanted to do a drawing a day or a sketchbook journal page a day or something. I do journal every day but have to take the time to add a drawing or a collage too! And…the play sounded great!


  2. Hi April! Kirsty’s project is inspiring isn’t it?
    As for the collaged postcards, I’ve written on them and posted them to friends in the past, but two lovely friends, (from Ten Plus) bought three of the postcards on Wednesday at the meeting. (We all show work we’ve done since we last met).
    They suggested I do more and package them to put them up for sale when we have our exhibitions. I’d never thought of selling them before… but it seems like a good idea to try.
    Great you have the discipline to journal every day, April! Wish I did… I start off with good intentions, but routines are not my strong point! Hope the MPs that we’re doing on the AW will help me get a grip on that!


  3. Yes, a great idea and yes, I think they would be a popular item to sell……if you can part with some of them! (Or have prints made)


  4. Thanks April! Prints… I’d not thought of that… have you had anything made into prints? I suppose I could do inket versions, but wonder if there’s a better way…. I’ll have a think about that. Thanks x


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