A Ten Plus Wednesday

Fingers:  Got some more of my brooches packaged up. I do enjoy making them, it’s a very calming activity. And can be done while I chat to Ellie or Rosie. They somehow make themselves!

Here’s some of the latest batch.

 fiber craft pin brooch       fiber craft pin brooch      fibre craft pin brooch  
fibre craft pin brooch       fibre craft pin brooch       fibre craft pin brooch

‘Wilde’ about the play!: Oh, the play last night, ‘An Ideal husband’ by Oscar Wilde was such a joy! The acting was superb and we were swept back to Victorian England to witness the intrigues, dramas and delights of the characters. Like any good play, the themes were as relevant today as it was when it was still inky wet on the page. See it if you can! A very frail, very blind,  elderly lady came on her own to ‘hear/experience’ the play and it was heartwarming to see how the young members of staff looked after her.  And I admire the woman herself for going out to the city centre theatre, alone, with all her obviously good reasons for staying indoors and not venturing out! Wish I were half as brave!

Ten Plus: Am off to Ten Plus now. Yay! Be lovely to be with everyone again, after the holiday break. Bye for now!


5 thoughts on “A Ten Plus Wednesday”

  1. I love the brooches too! My daughter loves to crochet. Oh, or are these knitted? And I love the little color “swatches” at the bottom.


  2. Thanks for your encouragement April! They are crocheted, with hand dyed cotton. What does your daughter make with her crochet?


  3. She hasn’t picked up her hook in a while, Julie, but I am going to show her what you do. She learned from my mother (a wonderful crocheter) and usually has done throws. Did tons of “little things” when she was real young. I will have to take some photos – you would enjoy seeing. She also loves cross-stitch.


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