Ducks, deer and dearest Ellie

Dunham Ducks ‘n other critters: Went with Ellie and Rosie to Dunham Park yesterday afternoon. We saw two glorious pheasants in a field on the way there. And, Oh we had such fun when we got to Dunham!

We took lots of bird seed and threw it to the ducks, geese, moorhens, coots and nuts for a squirrel too! We were well and truly mobbed by them.

Ducks were running flat out along the pond’s edge, waddling their bottoms and slapping down their big feet making a wet plopping noise. Hehehee, so funny!

There were three rabbits in the hollow and one baby rabbit came close to the path, near us . I wish I’d thought to take my camera.

One duck grabbed my fingers and left a big thick, muddy duck-bill print. Eee it was good.

We had a walk in the  park and met three young deer, who seemed just as curious about us as we were about them. Must go back soon, with seed AND camera, then I can post some photos.

And she’s off… Ellie has gone back to university this morning. We are going to miss her, the house will be a little emptier without her. Have fun Ellie! We love you!xxxx  

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