Below and Above…

Treasure: Walked into the next town to do some shopping with Rosie on Saturday. On the way, we were crossing one of the local roads and my eye caught something… Just had to double back and see… Yay! rusty metal pieces in shapes a little like letter Es and Cs.

He hee, I can feel a collage brewing! (I may photo them and use the print-outs).

And so we did our shopping with pockets stuffed with ‘treasure’!

Fingers: Made some more collaged postcards and a collaged badge and some crocheted brooches. Have made some headway with one of the Shakespeare pieces, but still lots to do.

Here’s a couple of postcards:

Collaged Postcard ‘Dear…’


Collaged Postcard ‘For…’ 

Address Side of Collaged Postcard ‘For…’

Stars: I had an After-Xmas-Sort-Out in the lounge (still more to do!).  And I  came across a poster from ‘The New Scientist’ of the Milky Way (as in cosmos, not chocolate!). Wow! I’d ‘forgotten’ how enormous our galaxy is… our own (tiny) solar system being but a pinprick on the chart.

And then that reminded me… (you know how one thing leads to another… and there I am surrounded by clutter still waiting to be dealt with!)…  of a short piece in ‘So This Is Science!’ by HF Ellis. A funny book from 1932, so I just had to dig it out:

“…stars…have been divided… into the following five classes:
a) Stars which suddenly appear.
b) Stars which suddenly disappear.
c) Stars which keep on appearing and disappearing.
d) Stars which have not yet appeared.
e) Other stars.

Mad!!!   : )


6 thoughts on “Below and Above…

  1. Since I quite smoking over 9 years ago this is what happened to me. which it really worked as of keep the later 40 something pounds off but work in progress right?


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