Waterside Open…

Morning DanceMaybe Tomorrow Maybe Tomorrow and Morning Dance
Fingers: Have done a couple of pictures (painted papers on collaged onto canvas), this week. Thanks  Diana for ‘chivvying’ us along at Ten Plus,  I did enter them for the Waterside Open!

Hunting n Gathering: Have been trawling the charity shops in the town across the river. looking for clothes which could be adapted to make ‘Edwardian’ costumes for the play at Rosie’s college. Came back with lots of blouses and a few long skirts…. we need to get sewing now…bring on that lace!  Rufflets here we come!

Eyes: weather permitting (all together now, 1,2,3…rain, rain go away come again another day…) tomorrow, Rosie and I are going to go out with our cameras and take ‘stock’ photos… that we can use in collages etc. A loved one said ‘O, you mean trees and landscapes and stuff like that?’
seal.jpg‘Ermm, well… I’ll probably be taking grid covers, litter, old posters and that sort of thing’, I weakly replied. Gosh, sometimes I think I must seem very weird to others!


2 thoughts on “Waterside Open…

  1. Hi Laura, thanks for stopping by.

    I painted papers of many different sorts, some Himalayan and Indian, some banana paper and some ‘art’ papers. (I didn’t use any of my own handmade paper on these pieces).

    Then tore out shapes, arranged and applied them to a paper ground and then onto a prepared canvas.

    It was nice to work with bright colours, something I’ll do a bit more of I think.

    You have been showing some really amazing work on your site recently… you’re doing some great art!

    Love julie x


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