Eyes: On Sunday, Rosie and I dashed out in between heavy showers of rain and took our stock photos! Ooooooh it was such good fun!

I got lots of pictures of letter forms, from grid covers, street signs, road markings, (and with a little imagination…) twigs and fence posts. I’ll post some pics later, the images are the camera.

I’m going to edit them in photoshop and build myself a library of letterforms for collages, which I hope to add to. I’ve ordered some dry rub-off decal paper from www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk
and I’m going to make my own rub-offs for the collaged postcards and letters.

Craftcomputerpaper are such a lovely company to deal with… and no, I’m not on commission! They are really friendly, in fact I prefer to ring them, rather than order over the net, because it’s such a pleasure talking to the girls there. They are based up in Northumberland, quite rural… and they had a few inches of snow yesterday.

Fingers: Here’s two more collages I’ve been working on. They just need signing and varnishing now

Festival At The Edge

For Reasons Best Known

This square format is a real challenge to me, composition-wise. There isn’t the ‘weight’ like you get from of the lower third of a (portrait) rectangle, or the left-right (Western) traditional reading of the landscape format. I’ve a few more square canvases, so perhaps by the time I’ve worked through them, I’ll understand better. 

Edwardian Costumes: ‘It’s like a tailor’s shop in here…’ So said dearest Dave last night… I’m afraid Rosie and I got a bit carried away! Rosie sorted out all the clothes I’d bought, (from the charity shops), made an inventory, then she set to and made two skirts from the cloth that she’d bought. she did a great job too! No pattern, just actors’ measurements and her experience to guide her. She finished off the seams beautifuly too. I made a frilly rufflet out of some net curtaining and some braid from our factory (Early 1960’s vintage, not quite 1910, but what the heck!). It will tie around the neck and can be worn over a blouse. the play is next week, but Rosie has only just been given the measurements she needed. Eeeeek!


4 thoughts on “Letterforms

  1. Thanks Marge! Lovely of you to comment. Like i said above, I hope I’ll learn a bit more about composing in the square format by doing more of them! It’s so very different. I did a small circular canvas for an art /craft supplies shop where I worked part time once… now THAT was a challenge Lol!!!!


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