Ooh those letters…

Ten Plus Textiles: So lovely to be with the group again yesterday, though I had to leave early to take Rosie for an appointment.

Just before I left, Michelle showed us a wire and textiles sculpture she’s working on…. it was just wonderful! I kept seeing it in my mind’s eye all day and it made me smile!

I was shocked by the ‘lakes’ that have appeared in Cheshire, as i drove to the meeting. What was usually (for a townie like me), a journey of greens… was as much blues (with added swimming seagulls!!!!) Poor farmers must be suffering with all the flooding.

 Ooh those letter forms… that  I photographed the other day…take a peak at these few examples!

 Letter F (metal crumbly)     Letter R (rusty wet metal)    Letter H (wet rusty metal)  Letter Y twig

Aren’t they inspiring? I’m so glad it was such a rainy day, the wetness added so much. I’ve still got to work on the image files to get them ready for use in collages, but it will be so much fun to use them!

Fingers: Brooches, brooches and more brooches…. and more to do! Thanks for reading. Bye for now.


7 thoughts on “Ooh those letters…”

  1. Those letters are just delicious. Thought I was the only one that likes rusty things but read in your blog that you are a kindred spirit. My latest find is an old hand made round wire container. Solid one end and a lid that opens on the other. Think a fisherman might have used it to but burley in to attract the fish. Think I will have to photograph some of my rusty things and post on my blog for you to see.


  2. That container sounds good… What’s burley?some kind of small fish?i

    It’ nice to know we share a love of all things rusty! I made a collection of rusty metals, mainly nails, (some really long and bent), but some hinges, small engine parts, an old lock, a bolt… well lots of things! I dipped quite a lot of the rusty nails (half way down) in melted candle wax, for a project a good few years ago, and it’s surprising how it’s held on!

    I found a lot of the rusty metal on walks in the Lake District, canals and on beachcombing sessions, particularly from the less touristy beaches.
    Eee, what fun! We’ll have to swap photos Uta… let’s have our own virtual ‘rusty metal fan convention’!


  3. Burley is a mixture to attract fish and make them feed. There are different recipes (secret fisherman stuff). Some have a bran base and laced with aniseed. I really don’t know much about it. Not keen on fishing myself. I always end up feeling sorry for the fish hehehe but I am a hypocrite cos I love to eat them.


  4. Julie
    My second oldest daughter Maddie, has a poster hanging in her room with letter that a photographer took and I bought it for her. Its amazing when when start to look what you can find.


  5. Uta, thanks for the ‘burley’. How curious~ fish liking aniseed! I like the idea of the secrets fishermen have… there’s a series of work in that, hehe, could be fun!


  6. Oh my gosh – love those letters and love all those rusty things. Always took notice of those things but never collected them. Oh, oh……….a new thing to look for!


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