The cat’s paw…

Garden Watch: We took part in the national Royal Society for the Protection  of Birds (RSPB) bird count yesterday. For one hour we watched out of the window and counted the greatest number of each species seen at any one time. Dave is posting off our results today. Rosie and Dave helped me set up the camera and I took some (not v good!) photos of the goldfinches on the feeder, from the lounge window….


And who’s that hiding?

Where’s Zeldie gone?

Can you just see her nose under my jumper that’s hanging from the ‘clothes horse’? She loves hiding. But she gives her whereabouts away  by purring so loudly, when we look for her. She couldn’t resist a swipe at the string either! our sweet Zeldie!


2 thoughts on “The cat’s paw…

  1. Hi again, Julie 🙂

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog 😀

    I too enjoyed doing the bird count and I now see, after answering your comment, that you have posted your golfinch photo. Sorry I missed it earlier. You did well to catch three on the feeder as they move about a lot!

    Best wishes, Shirl 😀


  2. Thanks for dropping by Shirl : )

    You have such wondeful photos of your garden birds on your blog, I blush to think of my poor efforts! Lol!

    Loved seeing the sparrowhawk, you caught her image very well despite the wind blowing her about! And though it will have effected your general tally, what a great addition to your list!

    We’ve had the odd visit from sparrowhawks, amazing how quiet the air gets, as all the birds hide and keep their beaks firmly closed till it’s gone!

    So glad to have found your beautiful blog Shirl.

    Warm wishes
    Julie x


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