Buttons n Bows

letter t blackook a walk to the market and bought some more bows and vintage Vogue buttons from my favourite stall. She says she has lots more at home and she’ll sort some out for me. Must get busy with more brooches.

Wardrobe Mistress Rosie was working til 11pm last night, sewing costumes for the college play. She’s going to try to get tickets for us, I’d like to see it. She’s been painting and fixing scenery too. She’s going to be sooooo tired tonight! 

Fencing in Wales: Ellie is doing really well with her epee. She’s beating the boys! She has a competition in Merseyside this weekend and I’m hoping we can go and watch her.

Stomachs: Have made some vegetable soup today, should warm us up. And I bought some more of the new Jazz apples applefrom the market too. They are the nicest apples I’ve ever tasted and so crisp and juicy! They taste great chopped up in a bowl, with dates and other fruit.

Dave went to Balaika Orchestra in his full regalia last night. Brian had rung the night before to say a visitor would be attending the practice, so could everyone go in their costumes?
: (  -poor D.

Fox on the lane: Twice now I’ve seen a fox in daylight, it was on the pavement and crossed the road, near home. (Once going into a friend’s garden). The thing that struck me most was how alive it was, compared to the domesticated dogs on leads…. it was lean and quick (in every sense of the word: alive, fast and intelligent). It sparked with life. I’m guessing it must be hungry to be out in the day. I wonder what it finds for food around here? 

Some rose hips in ink and watercolour:


Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Buttons n Bows

  1. Uta, thanks for that link! What an amazing blog. I’m a Charlie freak already, isn’t he beautiful? What a privilege, having a cayote as your companion.
    julie x


  2. Hiya Uta!! no, just clumsy spelling!
    I’ve just loaded my rusty metal pics onto my laptop, so going to post some pics v soon!!!
    I’m so glad you posted yours. It was so great seeing it all.
    Take care chuck! (chuck: Lancashire term of endearment!)
    Jluie x
    (see what i mean about clumsy spelling? Lol!)


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