A rust-fest mega post! (for fellow collector, Uta in Aus.)

For Uta and anyone else who loves rusty metal…. (see also Uta’s blog http://uta-mooney.blogspot.com for more treasures).

rusty engine part?
 Engine part? Maybe…
rusty thingymajig
 An early 20th Century thingymajig.
bolt and washer
I could eat this, it’s so delicious!
 bar with oblong holes
And the colours!
crumbly layers of rust
 Sumptious stippled strata
half dipped in wax, castors 
A row of beauties. Half dipped in melted candle wax.
nails, wax, paper 
Nails, some dipped in wax, some with wax and Chinese paper wrappings.
Detail of a door lock. (avec wax, bien sur!)
 long bolt with washers
I just love this!
dinosaur assemblage
Remember 35mm film? This is an old photo of some arrangements I did of parts of the rusty metal collection in 1997. A Rustyoldsaurus?
 Gosh, 11 years ago… where did the time go? Anyway, this was fun.
Got the neighbours gossiping anyway!
metal collection on hols at Coniston
Metal pieces arranged on shores of Lake Coniston, 1998.
Back to 2008 and one of my favourite pieces.
engine part? millwheel-type oojah
This one now lives in a flower trough, with…
 engine part that looks like an ashtray
with… this chappy.
 all in a row… no 1
All in a row!
through the square window…
Through the square window…
misc nails, hinges etc
A heap of treasures.
A giant’s comb.
 end bit
 Bit off more than I could chew?
Togetherness, aah!
Just touching…
 me chickens
Couldn’t leave out me chickens, even though they’re a ‘modern’ addition!
two holed oojah
Not sure what the two holed oojah is, but I love the look of it.
 metal on tree
Much to the amusement of neighbouring kids, I hung some bits from trees in 1998, (only temporarily, they came back home with me… (the rusty metal bits, not the kids!)
Well, there’s more photos, but I think you get the idea by now…
And remember Uta’s collection… take a peek, see her beautiful fisherman’s cage that she found recently.
If you reached this far, then I guess you must be a fellow rusty metal fan!                                       

5 thoughts on “A rust-fest mega post! (for fellow collector, Uta in Aus.)”

  1. Ah the colours. Love the rusty bits spiral and hanging them from a tree. Think I will have to try hanging some. Very inspirational. And hi to Josie, a fellow rusty bits lover. Is the wax for preserving or decoration???


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