Back on track…

Apologies for absence: Yep, sorry, but I needed a break for a while there. And me poor lappy is suffering, with a fluttering screen and a very loose and dodgy left click button… Aaaaw!!!

Fingers: Have made a good number of brooches recently… and have only about half a dozen left. Many thanks to the kind folks at Ten Plus Textiles, who’ve given me tremendous support. In particular, thanks to Barbara for taking some brooches to sell at the Antique Textiles Fair. I’ve learned such a lot from her and she has given me so much encouragement and help over the few years I’ve known her.

Also made a wee weird critter for Ellie, (with sword of course). Here he is…Jack the fencing critter

Ellie has called him Jack and he was last seen I believe, Worn on the leg of her jeans… and survived a downpour of rain!

Also been working on the Shakespeare images for Ten Plus’ Nantwich exhibition. I’ve enjoyed working into them.
I’ll post some images soon of the new ones.
Been knitting too, lots more fingerless mittens.

Feet: Had a lovely day out with Wendy and Melvin. We went to Dunham again. Though we didn’t walk very far, because the weather was lousy and … well… I’d dressed up for a nicer day, fraid I haven’t got the sense I was born with!!!

Ears: Went to see the Warsaw Village Band at Kendal and Joglaresa (spelling?) at the Royal northern College of Music.

Ellie and Rosie: Ellie is coming home soon for Easter, then jets off to Paris for a few days. Rosie went to London with Alice. They were treated to a wonderful time by A’s Aunt Lucy!

TV appearance: An artist friend will be on a special edition of the Antiques Roadshow on Sunday, showing some football memorabilia, collected during her mother’s long career with a famous local football team!!

And apropos absolutely nothing…. here’s a wee photoshop pic:

Fuzzy Pic
Oh and I’m afraid I’m got more ‘pepper-grinder’ jokes to come… I’ll put them on a ‘Page’ tomorrow I hope, here’s one to whet your appetite…
What kind of mp3 player does a photographer have?……………………….
Ans: A Tri-Pod!!!!!! (More bad puns tomorrow!)


4 thoughts on “Back on track…

  1. Julie, I just love your wee weird Critter. do you think that a wee weird critter could be created for ME? Being you have a sense of my weirdness and all. I would be willing to purchase one? Let me know. Glad to see you posting again.

    ~v~Laura,aka motherbear


  2. Thanks Laura, nice we share a healthy sense of weirdness!
    Will get you a critter done, it will look different though is that ok? I don’t think I can ,ake two the same… it just wouldn’t be right somehow!! Lol! Give me some time to worj on it?
    Love Julie x


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