As promised…

Yay!!! I got the page done of  ‘I-pod’ jokes~ see the right hand column, under ‘Pages’. And I’m working on a ‘Page’ of Sat-nav jokes too, so be prepared to groan and shake your heads my friends! ;D

Things to do today:
Work: finish sewing the ‘Third Citizen’ piece; print off some of the finished Shakespeare pieces onto cotton fabric, for making into stuff; add glazes to the ‘good hanging/bad marriage piece’; get flyer finished for Ten Plus Textiles’ Nantwich show; make a brooch?
Home: ironing…. will it never end? : ) ; make a veggie stew; get out the ladder and feed those hungry birds!

Things I’m glad I’ve already done: (Don’t  you just hate show-offs? But forgive my Look-What-a-Busy-Girl-I’ve-Been-Mummy!boasting please, you’d think I’d have grown out of it by now wouldn’t you?……Anyway, gloat on MacDuff!~ )…stripped beds; washing on; vacced  (what’s the past tense of vac, anyway?); emptied the bins; taken (yesterday’s) ironed clothes upstairs; washed up breakfast pots; looked at the artwork-on-the-go to see what needs doing; washed calico ready for fabric painting. And … with a touch of the button ‘Publish’… I’ll have got a blog post done too!!!

What’s in the sketchbook today children?..random pic coming up…..

Blue Dog


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