Lost and Found…

Zeldie camera curiousOur cat Zeldie appeared stuck in the bowling green, when I called her in at bedtime last night. She was miaowing and miaowing at me from behind the wire fencing. She hasn’t been in there for a while and they’ve repaired the gaps and broken bits of the fence since then.

I went to her, to try and encourage her to creep under a bit of loose fencing, while I held it up. But she wouldn’t come, she seemed too scared to try.

So I was out there while, in the dark, ch-ch-ch-ing for all I was worth and making encouraging noises to our four-legged friend. Then she disappeared from my sight. (It was very dark , so I presumed she’d retreated a little, into the bushes behind the fence.  I carried on with “Come on Zeldie, it’s all right, don’t be frightened, you can do it…” and all that malarkey!

Some time later…. a noise behind me… and who was crouching watching me!!! The little tike had got out, crept around the street on quiet paddy paws and come up behind me, to watch the fun!!!!

I ask you! She’s a loveable rascal and she did make me laugh. When I said ‘There you are!” She waggled her bottom, and then headed off for home, flicking her back leg out to the side in a sort of joyful skip!

Shakespeare artwork: been thinking of an ‘umbrella term’ that would help set the pieces in the context of my idea about the characters being played by Community theatre-type players…. and i’ve come up with, “InTheStreetTheatre” What do you think? I’m open to any other ideas, before I start working on graphics etc. Here’s one that’s ready to be stretched and framed…it’s my favourite of the new batch.

Ferdinand InTheStreetTheatre 2008


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