Aaaaand she’s back!!

Ellie’s home: Yay! Dave brought her home. Much laughter is heard from the lounge, as she and Rosie catch up and have fun together again.

Magnetic attraction: I’ve printed some magnet sheets with images of artwork I’ve done in the past, and added some text and creative tweaking from Photoshop. I’ll try spraying them with clear acrylic tomorrow, to seal them. Here’s a few examples…
     vase 3   vase 4   vase 5

Feet: Walked to the local town to get a bit of shopping from the market and to collect Dave’s bike from the repair shop. Couldn’t ride it home… it’s too big. 

Eyes n ears: Watched a Margaret Rutherford ‘Miss Marple’ film with Rosie. (Rosie’s not so well at the moment and the dvd cheered her up). They don’t make women like Miss Rutherford anymore, what a great actress she was and such a wonderful face, full of character.


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