Supplies boost…

Bearers of gifts: Dave’s Mum and Dad came this afternoon and gave me lots of textured paper for inkjet printing and some sheets of printable canvas!!! Happy me!

Sketchbook Dipping…

Note Scraps 1   note scraps 2

autumn sketch 1

autumn sketch

Catching up: not made much today, just done a bit of sewing on a half finished piece. But I have spent a lovely day catching up with our Ellie. We spent most of the day at home, chatting about French films, Colette, short stories in general and the philosophy of free will (all that certainly got me old brain cells warmed up, I’ll tell you! Hehehe!!!).

And she told me about her great French tutors at university. She’s having a wonderful time and is blossoming there. Long may it continue. I wonder if that’s why I’ve pulled out those old watercolour doodles of butterflies…. Ellie’s ~ emerging butterfly? Possibly.


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