a Japanese proverb

Thought to savour: “One kind word can warm three winter months” (Japanese proverb, borrowed from the random acts of kindness site).

Ten Plus Textiles: are off on a group visit to Little Moreton Hall, where we’ll be having a week’s sessions of demonstrations, chatting to the public and selling work in September 2008. I was hoping to get there too, but I think I’ve caught Rosie’s cold. So I’m staying home and pottering doing jobs and getting lots of fruit and hot drinks down me. I hope they have a great time and a good lunch in the cafe!

Eyes: Watched half of a Margaret Rutherford film last night. Ooh I do love her acting as Miss Marple, she brings a real energy and determination to the role. Indominatable. (Wish I was! Heh heh!)
Ears: ‘The Imagined Village’ CD is still getting lots of plays at home, kind of Ellie to send it to us. What a great fusion of styles each track so different. I crank up the volume in the kitchen when I’m alone and bounce around to some of the tracks… the cat thinks I’ve gone mad!

Wishful walking:
(cf wishful thinking…) means taking an imagined walk….
… today it would be to the little building in the deer park at Dunham:
Deer park building, Dunham, Cheshire, England

5 thoughts on “a Japanese proverb

  1. Let’s go on a wishful-walk together, April!! I’ll bring some French bread and … do you eat cheese? We could have a pretend-picnic! Oh and we could have some dream ice cream, made at Ash Farm in Dunham village… Mmmm!


  2. hi Marge! Yes the whole scene loooks like something from an old folk tale doesn’t it? I do love it…
    Very best wishes to you Marge x


  3. Oh Julie – I’ll be there in a minute! A pretend picnic! I feel a daydreamy collage coming on! Thank you for inviting me. xxApril


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