New Layout

An unusual viewpoint...
Photo Julie Bryce 2008

Fingers: made a book, (used the cover material Frank and Joyce gave me~ sorry, no image… and it’s already gone to its new home).
Restored the framing on an older monochrome watercolour (elephant sketch) and it’s found a new good home too.
Am knitting a wrap~ponchoey thing for Rosie, which I’m making up as I go along… oh the joys of working out mid-row increases!
Have been crocheting accessories too.
Been working on the (
Ten Plus Textiles) Nantwich exhibition images… had hoped to have got them to the framers by now. Tsk tsk!
Wee weird critters on the go.
Oh and I made a dry felted buttoned pouch too… should fit a certain someone’s phone!

Feet: Not much further than the local towns for shopping, but seen some lovely birds and cats on my walks though, to and fro.

And then there were three: Ellie has gone back to university. She had a great time in Paris with her friend Sarah during the Easter break. Sadly, she left her travel journal on the plane, (made from elephant dung incidentally… erm.. the journal that is, not the plane! : ). Let’s hope it’s sitting in ‘Lost Property’, waiting for her to reclaim it.

Ears: Oooh! I’ve got some soft beaters for the bass marimbula! I’m trying them out on the tunes I’m learning. It’s good to have a choice and the different sound they bring to the marimbula works well with a few, like ‘Argieres’ and ‘New Rig Ship’.

A change is as good as a rest, so they say. I’ve chosen a different format and made a new header image for the blog. May have another play with it over the next few days…

Bye for now dear readers x



2 thoughts on “New Layout

  1. You have such an interesting blog, Julie. I enjoy reading everything you write. And wow, was amazed when i went to my name on the right, that it gave me a “preview” of my blog! How neat! Thank you for including me. (I must work on some extras for my blog too) …april


  2. Thank you April, so lovely to know that you enjoy the blog. I can’t take any credit for the “preview” function… wordpress do that, bless their cotton socks! Warmest wishes to you April… and happy Namesake-Month too! 🙂


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