Hooray for Flybe!

Remember the journal? That elephant dung journal…  the elephant dung travel journal? The one that Ellie accidently left on the plane, that had all her memories, thoughts, tickets, receipts and other  keepsakes from her trip to Paris with Sarah?
Well, yipeeeeeeeeeeeee! Flybe, the company she flew with have got it!!! So Ellie is going to venture on a quest to get it… watch this space!
So nice to know a warm heart exists within Flybe’s corporate body. Good for them.

Fingers: Been painting scrunched up papers today, did some rubbings too.. *inserts technical term for no apparent reason whatsoever…*Frottage‘ …sounds like a French version of cottage cheese!  : ) … with children’s wax crayons. Then thin washes of gouache over the patterns. Topped off with some metallic water based paints. Had fun.

Tomorrow: going to get the flyers printed for Ten Plus Textiles, we’re enveloping them next Wednesday. Food shopping too…  ho hum!

J is back from her holiday soon...
Globe-strolling: friend J comes back from her long holiday soon!

Happy Thursday everyone!



2 thoughts on “Hooray for Flybe!

  1. Thanks Marge, so pleased too. Ellie’s thrilled and will be glad to have it back in her sticky little paws. Things like that are irreplaceable. : )


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