Soup’s off the menu…

Our lovely bass marimbula: We bought it from Michael Allen and his family in USA. at Cloud Nine. It’s beautiful. I asked Michael what it’s made of, here’s what he wrote…

” …several different woods.  The tongues or keys are made of Northern (US) Ash which has been cut so that the stock is quartersawn (vertical grain when viewed on end).  The bridge assembly
is made of hard maple, the body is made of birch veneered laminate, the interior bracing and blocks are made of Adirondack Red Spruce (top, quartersawn) and Poplar (back and blocks)”.

Here’s a short video of a friend of Michaels’ (that’s the player on the left of the three) playing his marimbula with dulcimer hammers~ (the marimbula makes a different kind sound  when the tongues are ‘stroked’, here Mark strikes them). Take a look, it’s a crackin’ little tune too.

I’m adding a permanent link to Michael’s shop under ‘other sites of interest’, you may like to see the range of instruments he makes =)

Ten Plus Textiles: Here’s the (web version) of the flyer I’ve done for our next exhibition… it’s coming up fast now…eeek!  

Ten Plus Textiles Nantwich flyer




 It shows details of work by Diana Shone,  
 Janice  Moilliet, Michelle Barnard, Caroline Turner and Jean Ball.


Nantwich Museum have a lovely new Community Education Officer, (Alison Horrobin) who is planning workshops for children and families that link with the exhibition. Should be good fun!


Anti-Gravity: I’m definitely anti gravity today! Things kept slipping through my fingers and then la pièce-de-résistance… I dropped a pan of soup (cold, thank goodness, straight from the fridge). The pan did a remarkable thing on its journey downwards.. it turned over! And the lid went rolling off,,, and the soup… well, it went EVERYBLINKIN’WHERE!!!! Lovely delicious, homemade brocolli soup, with leek, garlic, onion and lemon all over the floor, up the kitchen cupboards and splashed up the chair and over my foot. Joy!!! Good job the cat wasn’t there, it would have freaked her out good and proper! Ah well. We went out for pizza. And it was nice!

Dave’s birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeY!!! Can’t wait!

Bye for now!




4 thoughts on “Soup’s off the menu…

  1. Fabulous music Julie. Thanks for sharing.
    What a shame about the soup. I hate when things like that happen. I always have a little cry while cleaning it up.


  2. Hi Uta! So glad to hear from you =D !!! It is such a lovely tune isn’t it? Wish I could play that well hehe! Let’s hope our cooking/baking keeps from plummeting to the floor in future…. (don’t hold your breath Julie!, I’m thinking…I’m such a butter-fingers these days… maybe I should get an omniverous dog, who’ll snaffle it all up!!).


  3. Oh My! I love love love the hammered dulcimer, but never heard it in contemporary music like that . I’m going to go up and get out my old tape of dulcimer music. Can’t quite remember the name, Old time …something. Have to look it up! that unique drum? was neat too.


  4. Hi Marge! lovely to hear from you and so glad you liked the dulcimer music. Doesn’t he play well and with such expression. That tunes so catchy, it keeps going round and round my head!


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