Stacks and stones…

Photo shoot: Been taking stacks of photos today of work, I’m  still getting the hang of this camera, of course, it would help if I could find the instruction book… *blush* but hey ho, it will turn up someday!
Here’s some of my better efforts…
crocheted ponytail holdercrocheted ponytail holder

mini blank cards set of mini cards No2

Birthday boy: We had a nice get-together yesterday for Dave’s 52nd.  He must have had a good day, because he asked this morning if he could have his birthday all over again! =D

Unbirthday presents:  I was lucky… I got two Unbirthday presents yesterday… a box chocs and a book of Helen Dunmore’s short stories. Am going to savour both of them. Dunmore’s writing wakens my senses. I heard a piece of hers on Radio 4 just recently while driving and her words made me smile and gasp. Have you read any of her work, I wonder?

Wrapped stones:
A long time ago… (sounds like I’m telling a story doesn’t it? hehe!) I wrapped some large and small pebbles in dyed and painted, thin muslin strips.  I weaved in some words from different texts,  old books. And then I put them in the garden, where nature added her two penn’orth with rain, sun and wind.

I brought them in last year and when they had dried out, I arranged them on top of some drawers in the lounge. They look rather unusual, like something that you might find in a museum. I’ve been taking some photos of them, some in sepia and some colour. The paper that the words are printed on is decaying, so I thought I’d record as much as I could. There are also two little paper ‘shells’ that I made and added text too and they go well with the wrapped stones, I think. I’ll post more photos in the future, but here’s a taster…

 wrapped stones -to make... wrapped stones -that same cloud...

It makes me want to do more of them… it is a long term project, they were in the garden for a couple of years!

Thank you for reading, bye for now!


3 thoughts on “Stacks and stones…”

  1. This is a bit spooky. Not only do we share a love of rusty things but Helen Dunmore as well. I have “Love of Fat Men” and absolutely love it. Have you read it? I read it over and over again. They are short stories and yet they seem to meld into one. I love her writing style. Must see if I can get more of her books and re read Love of Fat Men.


  2. Oh gosh Uta… this gets even stranger, the book Dave bought me from Oxfam was….”Love of Fat Men”!!!!!!!!!!

    How wonderful that you love her too! She’s such a ‘physical’ writer, reading her makes me feel more alive =D

    Lovely to hear from you dearest Uta xxx


  3. I know exactly what you mean about feeling more alive and more in tune with yourself somehow.
    Glad you are back, I’ve missed you.


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