Yet another new layout…

Capricious? Moi?  Nah!!! Just keep changing me mind… yes, another layout and another banner/header. I liked the other one, but it looked a bit crowded and it was a little hard to read, so I’m test driving this model for a day or two.

Apology: Sorry April, changing to this layout has means we’ve lost the ‘site preview’ function. Hope you’re not too upset!!! It was a nice ‘extra’ wasn’t it? Well, I’ll see how this goes, I can always change it back.

Good wishes to all x


2 thoughts on “Yet another new layout…”

  1. oh, oh………but oh, clicked on my name and it came up! haha
    Oh, you have so many new beautiful things on your blog to read – I have to get busy reading! …April


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