Spring at last…

Spring in England: I can smell the damp earth as it’s warmed by the weak afternoon sun; see the tissue pink  blossom on the trees and hear the thwack of wood on wood, as the crown green bowlers play their game.

Sparrows are chirruping in the hedge and the goldfinches pick thin black seeds through the tiny slit in the bird feeder that hangs from the tree on the green…Which reminds me, I must order more bird seed from the farm. We buy it by the sackful nowadays. Hungry little beggars!

I picked a flower and pressed it, before magic-taping it to the back of the envelope containing a short note to my Mum. I’ll post it when I go out later.

Bass marimbula: had a good long session practising this morning. I went through all the tunes on the mini disc.  Dave recorded himself playing some tunes on the mandolin, so I could practise on my own. Be nice to record a few of us playing together and put it on the blog… I’ll have to give it some thought.

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3 thoughts on “Spring at last…

  1. Last night I learnt that sparrows are associated with venus and historically have been seen as lascivious – amazing, though apparently that’s backed up by contemporary research. Anyway, that’s not at all what I came to say – thanks for visiting and your supportive comments. I found Kirsty – very interesting and it gave me the idea for a drawing project.

    Enjoyed looking round your blog too!



  2. Sparrows and Venus? Lascivious? Wow I’d never have thought it… They look so sweet and innocent too ;D
    Best of luck with the daily collages, Sarah. And glad you found Kirsty’s blog.



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