Sweet animation…

First love: a sweet drawn animation by Julia Pott (see her illustrations here).
Click animation to see her short film. Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Sweet animation…

  1. Hi Uta! that’s what it reminded me of!
    And I love Creature Comforts too… I wasn’t sure it was available outside the UK… do you have the British voices on your version?… I love Andrew the polar bear cub, the dog and cat on the sofa, oh and and the tortoise… and have you seen the one with the puma lying on a tree branch, talking about ‘space’… there are so many wonderful characters in those series aren’t there?
    So nice we have another fun thing to share!


  2. Yes they have British voices and yes the puma on the tree branch is a great character. My favourite is the dog and cat on the sofa. They crack me up every time. We get a lot of British tele over here. I love Midsommer Murders and now we have Lewis which is the spin off from Inspector Morse. There’s also a lot of British comedy which we love.


  3. I’m amazed there’s anyone left to murder in Midsommer, he he! John Nettles I think isn’t it? And Dave and I used to like watching Morse~ loveable old grouch that he was!


  4. That is adorable ( i guess you’d call it that!) . My daughter will love it, Julie. Thanks for sharing. I have to play it again!
    One of the first television programs that my granddaughter liked was “Connie The Cow”. Are you familiar with it? It’s so pretty! …April


  5. hi april, glad you liked Julia Potts animation. I’ve not heard of Connie the Cow… but i think I’m a fan already- I love the title! A cow called Connie just has to be very sweet! =D


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