First the good news…

Making an exhibition of ourselves: Ten Plus Textiles’ latest show is up at Nantwich Museum (there’s a photo on their site at the moment, follow the link, then click on ‘Exhibitions’ in the left hand list… the page has no unique URL unfortunately). The preview, on Saturday 3 May 2008, was a great success, lots of visitors, refreshments and work was sold!!! (Not mine I hasten to add!) The exhibition was officially opened by the Chair of the Board of Trustees,who gave an interesting speech too.

The joy of life…  in a window!!! After the preview, I went to St Mary’s Church in Nantwich (Ken, Diana’s husband  recommended it). Almost opposite the side entrance is a modern stained glass window, erected as a memorial to a farmer by his wife. I sat in the cool church and looked. It is beautiful. Colours so bright and throughout it’s dynamic design, all life is represented. Take a look at it in the church, if you get the chance. Here’s a link to the church web site, if you scroll down, there’s a picture of ‘The Creation Window’, but it couldn’t possibly do it justice.

…Then the not so good news… my health has been a bit shaky and I’ve found out I have angina. But I’m on medication which is helping and I’m learning to manage the symptoms better, thanks to some information from our local library… I do love that place! So things aren’t so bad, I’ve a good excuse to get out and stroll in this lovely warm weather! =D

Open University… I’ve started the short course ‘Design and the Web’. I’ve just completed Lesson 1. Yaaaaay! It’s been fun and I’m learning…. I do love learning new things!

Good wishes to all!


2 thoughts on “First the good news…

  1. Hi Julie,
    Good news that the exhibition opening went well. Are you one of the lovely ladies in the picture? I’m having my first solo exhibition opening 1st August aaahhhhh!
    Sorry to hear about your health. Angina can be very scary.


  2. Julie,
    What a great opening, you have been very busy preparing for this exhibit I can see. And your group together for 17 years, wow that is something. What great support you have there.


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