Hello Again…

Returned from: the wilderness that was 2008- and hoping for a contented, creative and gentle 2009 for us all.

Ten Plus Textiles have a short exhibition in the Education Gallery at the Platform  Gallery in Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK. It starts 24 January and ends 14 February, 2009.  There ‘ll be work in a different direction from me and some really beautiful pieces by all the members.

Storytelling: I’m going to be reimmersing myself in stories this year. They always seem to play a part in my artwork, but in November 2009, there’s something very special planned. Watch this space…

A Silly Squirrel joke:
What’s the squirrel’s favourite game? …     Nuts and crosses! *groan*


6 thoughts on “Hello Again…”

    1. Hello April! Thank you for dropping by and lovely to hear from you. I do have my dreadful recluse phases don’t I? lol


  1. By the way, I am laughing at your other joke…but I am truly wondering what is ____ and crosses” – I’m thinking it is a game in England? oh dear.


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