Good Evening…

Front Row…  Rosie and I are off to see the college play tonight, we’ve been given two tickets as a thank you for the work on the costumes. Front row ones. Woo!

  Forgotten flour… I made some cakes today ready for a family get-together tomorrow. All was going well,  the buns were in the oven and I started to wash up, after preparing the icing toppings.  I picked up a bowl and said “Where did that come from?” There was flour still in the bowl I’d used to hold the weighed out flour, (before folding it into the mixture). D’oh! I’d only added about two thirds of the flour, then got distracted… the phone did ring… anyway, the cakes weren’t so bad. Dave and I tested one and they taste nice, but are a bit on the fragile side of light! Ah well , they’ll get eaten…

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