Etsy Street Team

We met at the Manchester Craft Centre  (UK) on Saturday. Cheryl from design rocks  was there to welcome everyone. She’s setting up a Manchester (UK) Etsy Street team.

And a good number of us turned up to register our shops and to meet other Etsy Creatives  from our area. It was great to put faces to shop names. 

Cheryl set the meeting up really well and we were soon chatting and getting to know each other. We each took a turn to introduce ourselves and show a bit of work, if we’d brought any along. Looking forward to swapping tips, skills and maybe doing some team craft events too. Yay!: )

Fingers: I’m developing a new range of pins/brooches. I’m excited! I’ve printed some cloth with images of  small, carefully chosen areas of vintage fabrics , wallpapers and ephemera from copyright- free sources. I’ve enhanced them in Photoshop to change colourways and added lighting effects. 

I’ve done some preliminary designs and I’ve made up the first batch of pins. I’m pleased with them and I’m now working on the second batch.

Thanks for reading.


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