Stone Age Art?

I sold a couple of brooches/pins at the Ten Plus exhibition at the Platform Gallery  these ones…

A few years ago, I did a series of wrapped stones. I dyed some muslin strips and wrapped largish river stones tightly, swathing them in the brown, grey loosely woven cloth. Then I took phrases and words from old books and wove the strips of text under the layers of muslin, so they were just visible. I put the wrapped stones  out in the garden to ‘settle’.  The following Spring, I brought them back in the house and a gentle dusting revealed areas where the muslin had worn very thin, exposing the stone, other areas were still pretty intact, but the text had survived in the main, but had weathered and aged. I’ve still got many of the stones, I take photos of them every now and then, as they change with time. The brooches were made from fabric I’d printed with images from that series. It’s an ever changing ongoing project.


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