Work in progress…

Thought it might be interesting to show some of the early stages of the preparation for another batch of soft jewelry.

Fingers: I’ve printed fabric with images of vintage wallpapers, textiles, ephemera etc , after buying the right to use them from Crafty Computer Paper, (see link under Trusted Suppliers) : )  I print them on their beautiful, very high quality cotton and they are washable (cool temperature)

I’ve begun to make some brooches from these ‘fabric collages’, but I’m hoping to push the ‘creative’ boat out and try some other accessories too. Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Work in progress…

  1. Love those fabrics. Are they printed in the traditional style or is there an easier way to do it now. Can’t wait to see more 🙂


  2. Hi Uta! Hope all’s well with you and your family.
    They’re inkjet Uta… can you believe it? Great new products around that just allow our imaginations greater flight. I got the fabrics and the graphics of images of old wallpapers, marbled papers, ephemera etc from
    Crafty Computer Paper. A small company in beautiful Northumbria, England. The finished cloth is washable at low temperature and is so finely woven, it hardly frays.
    Love julie x


  3. They’re beautiful, Julie! I can’t imagine – never saw that before. How interesting! (I am quilting a little these days and wouldn’t that be nice.)


    1. Hi Megan, thanks for your interest.
      I’d be very pleased to see the book and review it here on the blog.
      It looks very promising and I’m sure we’d all like to find out more!
      Thanks again, Julie x


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