Colours to cheer the heart…

Made three small , luscious fabric collages last night and mounted them on cards.

Blueberry pie copy
Blueberry Pie
Blueberry pie 1 copy
Blueberry Pie (Detail)
Floral Dance 2 copy
Floral Dance
Floral Dance 5 copy
Floral Dance (Detail)
Candytuft 1 copy
Candytuft 3 copy
Candytuft (Detail)

Went to the Antique Textile Fair yesterday at the Armitage Centre, Manchester. I bought a small piece of Japanese embroidery, a piece of dotted lace, some vintage buttons (oh there were such beautiful buttons everywhere I turned!), some beads and a few small strips of old lace. Heaven!  Looking forward to using them in my work, I’ll post some photos when I’ve recharged my camera batteries. Run by the Textile Society, the Antique Textiles Fair is my very favourite event. Everyone is so friendly and treasures abound at every stall.


4 thoughts on “Colours to cheer the heart…”

  1. Wow!!!!! They are fabulous. Thanks for the info on printing fabrics with inkjet printer. That’s so very exciting. I’ve just been playing around with natural dyes. I’ve been inspired by an Australian textile artist called India Flint. Just bought her book. You should check her out. She does some amazing work.


  2. Thanks Uta, will do.
    I’ve had a few problems getting the photos to sit right in the blog, so I’m trying out a new layout. Miss my old header though… 😦


  3. Oh Julie! They’re just beautiful! So happy and Spring-ie (which is something that we are looking forward to right now). The colors are wonderful and the Fair sounds so great!


    1. Thanks April. Spring Ah!Lovely isn’t it? We have snowdrops out, daffodils in bud, but no trees in blossom yet… they’ve been put off by the cold weather I think!


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