Jane Austen still inspires…

I’ve been watching some of the BBC’s tv adaptations of Jane Austen’s books (Xmas pressie)and I’m as sure as I can be, that that’s what’s behind my sudden passion for vintage patterns from old fabrics, wallpapers and ephemera. Going to the Antiques Textiles Fair brought it home to me, as my heart soared at the beautiful old dresses and costumes they had there. Seeing all that hand sewing, handmade lace and beautiful print was like a revelation. Calm down Julie, calm down!  : )

‘Any roads’, as my Auntie Pat used to say.. here’s my own take  on Jane Austen inspired fabric jewelry, another ‘nostalgia’  pin, winging its way to France right now.

Hot off the press... a new brooch.

Hot off the press... a new brooch.


3 thoughts on “Jane Austen still inspires…

  1. Lovely. Have to show my daughter. She loves Jane Austen. I watched some of the t.v. adaptations they had here a while back and need to watch them all too.


    1. I did ‘Persuasion’ by Jane Austen as part of my public exams, I loved it then enough to read her other works and they just get better as I get older, I see more in them. The early BBC adaptations were a bit stilted at times, but Pride and Prejudice oooh!


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