Poooosy Cat….

sleeping beauty under cover aug 2005 
The Lion Sleeps Tonight…
Sleeping beauty 3
She is a little strange… but we love her!

Zelda came to us as a ‘get well’ present for our daughter Rosie when she was recovering from major surgery, 6 years ago.

She lit up our lives from that day on and though she couldn’t pass a CAT-NESS exam, (if there were such a thing) because she falls off fences and  window ledges; can’t climb trees; sleeps in strange ways and in strange places; she walks like John Wayne (usually, but occasionally like John Suchet’s Poirot) ; she talks and I think she watches too many films!


3 thoughts on “Poooosy Cat….

  1. Hehehe sounds like she would fit in well at our place. We always attract the strange and the wonderful. Even the wildlife gets quirky if they hang out at our place too long.


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