Photoshopping Morning…

Been experimenting with some graphics I bought. I’ve cut and paste items on to a new A4 size file and then moved things around; rotated items; changed colourways;  added shadow effects; chewed away at edged to make them appear ‘torn’;  softened areas;  brought somethings forward, others sent back… and I’m going to have fun with my label punch later.

To dos: I must get further with that brooch I’m working on too. Meantime, a walk to the Post Office to post some work to Australia and to get my passport renewed.

Ears: Nice chats with Loretta and Ellie, this morning on the phone. Yamandu Costa (guitar) on iPod 

Surprise Purchase: A Spanish classical guitar! From the RSPCA charity shop in Urmston. I only went in to hand in some of Rosie’s ‘cast-offs’ and I did a double take at seeing the guitar….Wow! I’ve always wanted a guitar, but wouldn’t have had the nerve or  cash to go and buy a new one. Just a matter of learning how to play it now!!! (Eeek!)

section 2 copy 
Small section of photo collage
section 1 copy
and another…
section 3 copy
and yet another!

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