Tagging along…

 vintage look labels

The tags are looking a bit like this at the moment. I’ve done a few colourways and printed them on some lovely softly textured quality card.

Also busy with: a photo-fabric brooch. Had to work at the image again this morning in photoshop, making some adjustments to the foreground/background relationships. I’ve done some test stitching on draft photo printed fabric, so I’m looking forward to getting started on the final piece now, tomorrow.

Eyes: Saw a sparrowhawk over the allotments this afternoon. Looked like a big female. The birds become silent and hide in the hedges and bushes, when she’s around. Often the crows chase her off, but not today. The sun glinted on her grey outspread wings, she looked very powerful and confident. Last year, we had a young male come attacking the sparrows in the hedge across the road, he must have been very young, he made a bad job of it and went away hungry. The sparrows lived to chirrup another day.

Uploaded the fabric book that was in the Towneley Hall exhibition today on etsy. See if there’s any interest in it…


2 thoughts on “Tagging along…”

  1. I’m really enjoying the work you are sharing. Very inspiring. Makes me want to play. Can’t yet though. Not till the exhibition is over. I have to stay on the straight and narrow for a little bit longer


  2. “…straight and narrow” -Uta, you are funny!
    You’re doing such wonderful paintings… ‘you’re on a roll’ as they say here in Lancashire 🙂


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