Hand Made Books

I uploaded another book today to yellowhandkerchief, thought it might be nice to show you the two…
and I was thrilled to sell Tide Line to a lovely buyer in America this evening.

Fabric book label page
Things that dangle…
Fabric bookshell page
Fabric book metal button CU
Fabric book lilac tshirtbutton page 
Fabric book stamp button page
and surprise!     
Potpourri (Artist’s Book)
Tideline book 8
Tideline book 3 
Tideline book 9
Tideline book 6
Tideline book 10
fishing boat rope…
Tideline book 4 in 1
and watercolours.  
Tide Line (Mixed Media Artist’s Book)

12 thoughts on “Hand Made Books

    1. Hi Marge
      Nice to hear from you. The top book (Pot pourri) is made from hand dyed fabric, with some batting in between, to give it a soft feel. The second, (Tide Line) is veeery thick watercolour board, with deckle edges on the fore edge.


  1. I’m saying “oh my gosh”, “oh my gosh”, “oh my gosh”! Everything so beautiful. Your fingers must be working a mile a minute. I love it all, Julie! Wish you were here…..or me there.


  2. Me too, it would be so nice to be able to share our work over a tea or coffee in each other’s kitchens! Thanks April, I’m so glad you dropped by. xxx


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