Wood, wood and then some…

Remember the guitar I bought from the RSPCA charity shop?
Here’s Rosie with it. It sounds beautiful. She’s taught me an accompaniment
on glockenspiel to the tune she’s playing on it and I love playing along with her.

rosie guitar 4
Rosie playing guitar.

The pieces I had in the Platform Gallery, I’ve put in the
hall corner. They seem happy there.

hall corner yellowpot 2
Oak (I think) framed, wall hung pieces and found sticks in a pot.

The tall yellow pot (photo above) has sticks in it that we’ve collected
on walks by the beach… very happy memories. The very gnarled one is
the exception: my father-in-law gave us that one… It’s a great
stick to draw, all that texture and twists and turns.

Fingers: (especially fingernails)are somewhat black and grungy at the moment.
I’ve been preparing some small canvases with a black ground and applying dark
glazes to some finished pieces. I love getting mucky : )


7 thoughts on “Wood, wood and then some…”

  1. Glockenspiel! Oh, wish I could hear that too. Yes, your pieces do look happy in the nice corner with the yellow pot …and love those sticks! I’m always picking up sticks and stones and everything everywhere I go.


  2. I played violin when I was in grammar school. A hard age to make someone practice. Now I am so sorry that I didn’t study hard and continue. Love the string music.


    1. Me too, Barber’s Adagio for strings makes me cry. But I love gypsy fiddle music too, from Eastern
      Europe, lively and happy. Perhaps you’ll go back to it one day April, and play?


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