A drawing a day…

At the Ten Plus Textiles meeting last Wednesday, Diana threw her creative gauntlet
into the ring and suggested we re-launch the ‘A Drawing a Day’ challenge.

Well, late as ever, I started today. A few years ago,  I was never without a sketchbook
in my pocket, but I’ve fallen into bad habits -tsk tsk!.

I still draw, but it’s mainly working out designs, or dreamy-state doodling.
So I bought myself a new pocket sketch book (ignoring the half-filled ones on my shelf)
and sat in a quiet park and did a sketch of the concrete edging in front of me… well
you’ve got to start somewhere!

day 1 davyhulme park
Not a very exciting beginning, but hey, I started!

Fingers: Been busy making Suffolk Puff brooches, using the fabric I’ve been printing with
vintage patterns from wallpapers, marbled papers and tiles…

collection Suffolk puff brooches collection v2 Suffolk puff brooches
Getting these finished ones bagged up… … and I’ve more cut out and ready to sew.

11 thoughts on “A drawing a day…

  1. Your site here is inspiring…I thought just yesterday I was overdue to do a drawing a day…and here’s a great reminder.


  2. Thanks Marge. Yes the suffolk puffs (yoyos in US?) can be attached together I believe to make quilts, with a backing. Have you done any quilting Marge? I’ve not, but some friends do. I’ve treated myself to a ticket to the Festival of Quilts Show, this summer in Birmingham UK. Maybe I’ll get inspired? 🙂


  3. Love those “yo-yo’s”. Love them dressed up with buttons. You know – love buttons too! I have made yo-yo’s off and on and do you know I have some of my grandmother’s yo-yo’s! And quilting templates made out of cardboard and little pieces of quilting and scraps of fabric. Treasures. And a drawing a day – how inspiring for us all!


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