a drawing a day becomes work in progress…

Trying to see where this is going…Thought it might be helpful to me to post where I’m up to.  
drawing a day 001 drawing a day 002
1 Sketchbook drawing is the start of an idea for an illustration
of a Vietnamese proverb.
2 Did a few (well, to be honest lots of ) roughs on photoshop…
drawing a day 003 drawing a day 004 copy small
3 Drew a layout paper version, drawn from number 2… rounded him out a bit and I like the turtle shell shape of his jacket! 4. Printed it onto cloth, adding coloured areas from previous collages and sketchbook work I’ve done and photographed. I’m pleased with his boots. Painted green acrylic in the seedlings. Began to sew an outline around the figure and started on the lettering. Will stretch it when I’ve finished sewing and see how it looks then.
I do still like the freshness of the sketchbook version. Ho hum!…

8 thoughts on “a drawing a day becomes work in progress…”

    1. O wow! I didn’t know there was a special name for them… Scots too! I remember seeing farm workers, gardeners and allotment owners tying sacking to their lower legs with cord and it seemed to fit the image, but now I have a wonderful new 2 word phrase too. Thanks Chrissie x


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