Rust in the sun…

Driving through the Cheshire countryside was a joy this morning. Daffodils, green shoots,
flowering trees and enough sunlight to make a stone statue smile.

Took some of the rusty metal collection outdoors. I enjoy arranging them.

metals 1 metals 2

No Ten Plus meeting today. Guess which silly oaf turned up though! Still, I got to do that
beautiful ride through Dunham, so there are compensations for being an idiot! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Rust in the sun…

  1. Oo rusty metal bits in the sun. Haven’t looked at my collection in a while. Its just quietly rusting away in my garden.:)


  2. Hi Julie. I am definitely looking after my leg, plenty of relaxing hand embroidery going on and long soaks in the bath!! I am so determined to make that flight, sexy surgical stockings and all!
    You are in Ten Plus Textiles? I am sure I have seen exhibitions by that group, do you have an archive of where you have exhibited? Have you ever done Salmesbury Hall (2 minutes up the road from me)
    I love these photos you keep taking, will they turn into textiles?


    1. Glad you’re taking great care of yourself Karen and I do hope your leg is feeling better soon. If Ten Plus have done Salmesbury Hall, I think it must have been before 2001, when I joined. We’ve done Bankfield… is that near you? As for the photos… they may well indeed turn into textiles yet… we’ll see what develops 😀 enjoy your well earned holiday and be well and happy!


  3. Oh dear. Did someone pop out from nowhere and say “April Fool”! It was April 1st, right? And love your rusty things, all lined up being important.


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