The fabric of life…

Just to prove I’ve not been idle… here’s a few of the pins I’ve been making.

  • I printed the cloth with text from the Sanders’  Encyclopaedia of Gardening 22nd Edition(1931).
  • I worked on colour, scale and shading in Photoshop.
  • After printing, I sprayed the cloth with a water resistant spray, to aid stain resistance.
  • I drew a simple design.
  • The fabric was supported by a circle of pelmet vilene on the reverse.
  • I hand stitched the flower with hand dyed threads.
  • I gathered the cloth around another circle of pelmet vilene.
  • Pressed it.
  • Then stitched a silver plated brooch pin to  a circle of felt backed again with a smaller circle of pelmet vilene (where would I be without PV?)
  • Securely hand stitched this to the back of the flower brooch…
  • heart flower 2
    heart flower no 3 v2
    heart flower no 2 v1
    Photos of hand stitched  flower pins

I’ve lots more finished, nearly finished, nowhere near finished and all points in between.
I’ve begun machine stitching the designs too…  gives quite a different quality to the
stitched drawing.

The Manchester UK Etsy Street Team met again, yesterday morning. Tea, toast and talk of tinned potatoes, punctuated the discussions about marketing, product quality, blogging, the  latest widgets, gadgets and gizmos. T’was good fun!!! After each meeting I’ve always come away uplifted and inspired… what more could we want. Thanks to Cheryl for organising it.

Dear first-born has gone back to France after a few days with us over Easter.
I miss her laughter
I miss her music playing
I miss her fizzing energy
I miss her phenomenal memory
I miss her time-perfect witticisms
I miss her Lina Lamont (Jean Hagan) impressions
I miss her beautiful French clothes
I miss her light-footed dancing in the kitchen
I miss her enthusiasm
I miss her amazing films
I miss her quick mind
I miss the scent of her
I miss her zest for life
I miss the way she and her sister mind-meld when playing their musical instruments together
I miss her conversations
I miss her love of words, derivations, puns, languages…
I miss her love for her Dad
I even miss her bag in the hall
I miss her.

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6 thoughts on “The fabric of life…”

  1. 1. I want to say, “well, ok, but what did you do after breakfast?”
    2. What was the conclusion about tinned potatoes?
    3. What a touching list, what a daughter.

    ps – I love the brooches


    1. Hi Chrissie!

      …tinned potatoes: those of us who’d had caravanning and camping holidays as children loved them. Others thought it all very strange. When we got onto the joys of Fray Bentos tinned Steak Pies, well that certainly sorted out the women from the girls. I did explain it’s all about ritual. That whereas the Japanese may be known for their tea drinking ceremony, the English (of a certain age) had their can-opening ceremonies… but I failed to convince.


    1. Hi Uta!

      Hope your painting’s going well and on schedule for your exhibition. Dave and I are trying to organise a visit to Ellie soon, so that’ll be lovvvvvvvvvvvely! Now if the nice passport people will send me my renewed passport….


  2. You have been busy! How wonderful to have your daughter visit for Easter! The pins are quite cheery…spring is here!


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