Museum Sketchbook

Spent my morning with an antelope, a stag beetle, a crow and a jay… in Manchester Museum.  I needed some reference studies for a piece and the jay was a personal quest.

Sketch of impala

Sketch of impala

Lots of foreshortening here… eyes really bulge out to the side and those ears! Imagine what it must be like to  receive all of that of sensory input, through those eyes, ears and that nose.

Quick sketch of a stag beetle

Quick sketch of a stag beetle

It would have been more satisfying to get closer to this, to understand the structure
better. I wonder what they look like from underneath?

Study of a crow's head

Study of a crow's head

I love the long frond-like feathers that form a light covering over the head of the beak…
I’d like to go back and draw more of this chap.

jay study

Study of a European Jay

The jay  was …well, fluffy… had the taxidermist given it a ‘bad hair day’! Didn’t have time to ‘flesh’ out’ the main part, as my car was parked on a meter and I had to leave.

Overheard at the museum:
Adult carer to child “Tell me what you want to draw and I’ll draw it for you.”
This saddened me. I’ve also come across this with support workers of adult learners
with disabilites.  It’s like saying “Show me what you want to eat and I’ll eat it
for you.”
Who gets nourished?
Drawing is a way to learn to see, to learn to understand, to learn patience, to learn to
settle, to learn to become one with the world, to quieten the noise of the mind.
No one can do that for someone else. It can’t be bought, stolen or won as a prize.
That is what’ s so precious and valuable about drawing… the attempt.
Not the end  product.
OK Julie… Off the soap box, now!!!!

4 thoughts on “Museum Sketchbook

  1. Oh I missed this post somehow ??? Lovely drawings. Inspires me to go to museum and draw!

    I get annoyed at school art and crafts where every child has to do the same and everything is already worked out for them. Let their imagination fly. Let them invent stuff. Good soap box hehehe.


  2. Well Uta, your Julia and your Zoe are proof positive that you’ve done a great job, passing on your skills and love of art! Just need to show those pesky educators your exhibition!!!
    Oh oh! …I’m back on the soap box again… 🙂


  3. I’m also inspired to head to a museum…almost took a job with a taxidermist at one time till I realized what the clientèle would be. Stay on that soapbox. I recently attended a workshop where the facilitator drew on my drawing. I felt so violated!


    1. That facilitator was rude! I would have felt just the same… it must have been awful for you… I sympathize Doris.
      Hope you have a good drawing trip at the museum, what do you like to draw there?


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